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    Eau De Vie - Skincare Products

    Eau De Vie glow up bundle showing moisturizer and vitamin c serum

    Glow Up Bundle

    $39.99 $55.00

    A skincare set gift that contains moisturizer, vitamin c serum, and sunscreen

    Eau De Vie Trio Bundle

    $59.99 $80.00

    Eau De Vie Sunscreen

    Daily Sunscreen SPF 50 (60ml)


    Eau De Vie Vitamin C Serum branded image showing the vitamin c serum package.

    Vitamin C Booster


    Moisturizer for dry skin package

    Hydro Care Moisturizer


    Vitamin C Serum and Sunscreen
    Vitamin C Serum packaging

    Brighten & Protect Duo

    $39.99 $55.00

    Woman holding moisturizer and sunscreen showing skincare routine
    how to use moisturizer and sunscreen

    Hydrate & Protect Duo

    $39.99 $50.00