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    About Us

    Our Story

    Skincare is a personal mission for me, as I’ve battelled and tried so hard to achieve perfect skin. It was frustrating trying to use multiple skincare products from different brands with the claim that they can help me achieve the perfect skin that I am looking for. What I find humorous is that I was engaging in this because the unrealistic beauty standards took over my brain and my social media feeds. But guess what? It just made my skin worse! Following a multiple-step skincare routine with products that contain fragrance, and harmful chemicals, with claims that they will give me hydrated skin ended up giving me opposite results. After going through this, I realized something very important: I should not be aiming for ‘perfect’ skin but instead, healthy skin.

    I decided to launch my own skincare brand using healthy, and effective ingredients excluding fragrance, parabens, sulfates, GMO, and artificial dyes. The main goal is to challenge the skincare industry and press the reset button and prove that we can offer safe and effective products while still being able to provide customer satisfaction. We want skincare to become fun again! It’s all about self-love and listening to your skins needs.

    Honesty & Transparency

    Eau De Vie is a new skincare brand that launched in the Lebanese market in September 2022. We are two motivated Lebanese citizens who decided to take on a challenge to launch our own skincare products and enter an industry full of competition and well-established brands. Our first rule was to always be transparent on everything related to Eau De Vie. We assemble our products in China in an ISO-certified factory that has an FDA-approved process (VCRP Certification) and import our ingredients from Korea. We also discovered interesting information along the way: there are a lot of brands that manufacture their products in China with the claim that their products are manufactured somewhere else, such as France, Australia, or USA, simply by adding a drop of water in another country. This would then give them the right to say that their product is manufactured there. And we were offered to do the same. Why? Because customers tend to think that if a product is made in the USA, France, or other countries, it must be a high-quality product. But here’s the thing - it’s all about the ingredients and the product itself, not where it is made. That's why we refused to cheat! Our products are manufactured in China with the best and highest quality ingredients to guarantee that we deliver great products that are worth it and effective.

    The Problem We Are Trying To Solve

    I believe the beauty industry lacks diversity, authenticity, and transparency. There is a lot of airbrushing going on, which puts more pressure on people to be someone they are not.

    Eau De Vie goes beyond traditional basic beauty. We listen carefully to the damage impact skin issues have on people on a personal level and accordingly, we develop and manufacture our products using safe ingredients that will guarantee results.

    Hopefully, as we grow and have more influence, we will be able to achieve our optimal goal which is to enrich our community with natural confidence and fight together unrealistic beauty standards.


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