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    Eau De Vie - Bundle & Save

    Indulge in the ultimate skincare experience with our exclusive collection of bundles and promotions. Elevate your routine with our skincare products featuring luxurious moisturizers, rejuvenating serums, and protective sunscreens. Achieve a radiant, healthy skin with our specially crafted skincare products.

    Eau De Vie glow up bundle showing moisturizer and vitamin c serum

    Glow Up Bundle

    $39.99 $55.00

    Skincare bundle that contains moisturizer, vitamin c serum, and sunscreen

    Eau De Vie Trio Bundle

    $59.99 $80.00

    Vitamin C Serum and Sunscreen
    Vitamin C Serum packaging

    Brighten & Protect Duo

    $39.99 $55.00

    Woman holding moisturizer and sunscreen showing skincare routine
    how to use moisturizer and sunscreen

    Hydrate & Protect Duo

    $39.99 $50.00