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    Should I Wear Sunscreen Every Day?

    Should I Wear Sunscreen Every Day?

    The short answer is yes! Everyone should wear sunscreen. The research is clear, you need to wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine, to prevent both skin cancer and skin's premature ageing. But what if you don't like wearing sunscreen? The solution is not to ditch your sun protection but instead to find a formula that works for your skin type.

    There are 2 types of sunscreens: Mineral and Synthetic sunscreen. 

    • Mineral Sunscreens: There are only 2 mineral sunscreen ingredients: Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide. These ingredients work on the uppermost of the skin layer to both absorb and deflect the sun's harmful rays. 
    • Synthetic Sunscreens: There are over 30 synthetic sunscreen ingredients, all of which are absorbed into the top layers of the skin where they work similar to mineral sunscreens by scattering and deflecting the sun's harmful rays. 

    Mineral and synthetic sunscreen

    Which sunscreen is best?

    The right sunscreen for you is the one you will look forward to applying daily. Make sure that it is rated SPF 30 or higher and provides broad-spectrum protection to prevent damage from sun's UVA and UVB rays. The only way to find the perfect sunscreen for your skin is by trial and error. All you have to be aware of is your skin type and how it responds to different sunscreen ingredients and textures. 

    Finally, whichever sunscreen you choose it's crucial to use it every day even if you think you're not getting exposed to the sun or at risk for a burn. Sunscreen will protect you from skin cancer and skin ageing. 

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